Cellar Tanks

  • Fermenter/Uni-tank
  • Fermenter/Uni-tank
  • Fermenter/Uni-tank
  • Fermenter/Uni-tank
  • Fermenter/Uni-tank
  • Fermenter/Uni-tank


  • Volume: 1bbl to 600bbl
  • Cooling by Jacket or coil
  • PU Insulation
  • Product description:

From small, pub-size fermenters to towering outdoor tanks, we have the manufacturing capability and expertise to build fermentation tanks of all sizes. For nano or microbreweries, we create compact, efficient tanks as small as 1BBL in size. For large-scale breweries, we develop outdoor fermentation tanks. XG Machinery has years of experience designing insulated outdoor tanks ranging up to 600 BBL. We offer specialized fermentation tank design, customized specs, and fittings, with on-site installation support to maximize the efficiency of your operation.

Main Features

304 SS TIG weld construction

2mm Exterior, with a #4 sanitary brushed finish

3mm Interior, with a 2B sanitary finish

Dual-zone dimple cooling jackets (Tested to 6 bar/90Psi).

80mm/3.15″ Polyurethane Insulation

Operating pressure rated below 1 bar/15Psi (Tested to 2 bar/30Psi)

20% overstated sized headspace

Adjustable reinforced stainless steel legs

Perlick sample valve

Pressure/ Vacuum relief valve

Temperature gauge port

RTD sensor port(1/2″ NPT optional)

4″ and larger dry hop port capabilities

CIP arm and rotating spray ball provides 360° of coverage

CIP arm with integrated pressure gauge

Butterfly valves

Assembled carbonation stone.

Side Manway door (Top Manway optional)

Racking arm with DIN,

Lifting Lugs

Ladder hooks(10bbl or larger)